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Academic publications



The Aesthetic Dimension in Kierkegaard (Cambridge Elements series, under contract)

Kierkegaard and Philosophical Eros (Bloomsbury 2021, paperback 2022)


Kierkegaard's Charitable Misanthropy (forthcoming in volume on Kierkegaard's Lily and Bird Discourses)

The Problem of Evil in Either/Or: A Religious-Aesthetic Debate, in Critical Guide to Kierkegaard's Either/Or, ed. Kemp & Wietzke (Cambridge 2023)

Review of Pamela Hieronymi's Freedom, Resentment, and the Metaphysics of Morals (Mind 2021)

The Ethical Life of Aesthetes, in The Kierkegaardian Mind, ed. Buben, Helms & Stokes (Routledge 2019)


Tragedy and Resentment (Mind 2018)

The Folk Metaphysics of Love (European Journal of Philosophy 2018)

Kierkegaard's Phenomenology of Spirit (European Journal of Philosophy 2014)

Love among the post-Socratics (Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook 2013)

Love as a Problem of Knowledge in Kierkegaard's Either/Or and Plato's Symposium (Inquiry 2010)

Inte tusen ord (Fil. kand.-uppsats, Lunds universitet 2004)

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